You’re on a journey to making money online. Congratulations. Great decision!

But when you are out to make money on your own, and being your own CEO of your “hustle,” you will quickly realize that there are problems you weren’t confronted with yet.

While you, your mind, or your subconscious decided to become free of the 9–5 meat-grinder, your mind is not always your friend along the ride.

One thing I have discovered since launching my business almost two years ago and now making good 5-figures online is that we rationalize things into existence that are detrimental to our success.

We live in a society of empathy. If you constantly think about other people, and how you could potentially help them, then you are a good person, right?

While the general premise for this is correct — if you can make other people’s lives better, you are a better person — the solution to get there is wrong.

You achieve this by being noticeably selfish first. How so?

Setting yourself on fire

The issue with trying to help others no matter what, is, that you end up setting yourself on fire to keep others warm. If you constantly give, and rarely receive, you feel…

There was once a study where the scientists wanted to research the implications of masturbation on men.

Remember grandpa saying, “Masturbating makes you blind!” and similar great wisdom from the elderly.

However, the study couldn’t build a control group because they could not find a single man who hasn’t watched porn and/or masturbated since growing up.

So they gave up.

Pretty limp result.

Modern-day Masturbator

Masturbation itself is an age-old phenomenon. The old Egyptians for example were so heavy into choking their snake, they thought the god “Atum” created the Universe by ejaculating through masturbation.

In the 1900s ideas of masturbation being…

Stress is really just an effect of too much stuff on your plate.

When you have 15 tasks in a day to strike off.
A meeting every 30 minutes.
No time to get anything else done.

All of this clutters your mind. No time to think freely.

Which is sad, because the mind needs space, boredom to be creative.

So here’s a quick list on how to declutter your life in 5 easy steps to have the focus needed to get your tasks done.

Your day depends on your energy

The mental capacity this steals cannot be put into numbers.

When we get up in the morning, we start with a limited set of energy.


Discipline is not a trait you’re born with.

It is a skill you develop.

And it starts with realizing that you don’t have as much control over your mind as you might think. At least, not yet.

Humans are irrational

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t act consciously most of the time. It’s the exact opposite.

You act irrational 90% of the time and then make up rationalizations as to why it was a conscious decision.

Have you ever wondered why you sabotage yourself?

You want to stop eating sweets. But 5 days in you end up eating a chocolate bar. …

Alexander Graves

Blogger, ecommerce entrepreneur and master of mind and masculinity. I run to help other men achieve success.

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